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we buy houses njWe’ve been privileged and blessed to help many great people solve their real estate needs.  We are grateful that they took the time to say a few words about their experience with us.

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Here’s what they had to say…

… “They never pressured us but quite the opposite, they were so helpful.”

“From day one when we contacted Halo and spoke with Jon, he and his company have been incredibly kind, honest and professional. They never pressured us but quite the opposite, they were so helpful. They made a very difficult time so much easier then we expected.”

… “Extremely polite, efficient, and gave us a better price than their competition.”

“We sold a 60’s era shore house to Halo as part of an Estate Sale, since we are out of state and did not want to deal with the renovations, listing and selling this house. Extremely polite, efficient and gave us a better price than their competition. Handled all of the paperwork and inspections for us, and in the end, both parties walked away happy. We would certainly use them again!”

… “My experience echoed those of the other reviewers – Jon and his team were a pleasure to work with, and everything proceeded without a glitch.”

“Faced with the task of selling the home in an adult community that my parents occupied for 30-plus years, I decided to explore the prospect of selling it to a company specializing in home buying/real estate investment, rather than following the more traditional (and unpleasant) route of placing it on the market myself or listing it with a realtor.

A search of such companies led me to Halo Home Buyers. I was impressed enough by both the content on their web site and all of the complimentary reviews, that I placed a call to Jon. I quickly realized that I had found someone that I would like to work with. I felt Jon was bright, forthright, and personable. We scheduled a time to meet in person and review the property,  which confirmed my initial impressions. We quickly negotiated what I felt to be a realistic price, formalized the deal, and closed approximately three weeks later.

My experiences echoed those of the other reviewers – Jon and his team were a pleasure to work with, and everything proceeded without a glitch.  The entire experience exceeded my expectations.”

… “working with Jon from Halo was one of my most positive transactions in selling a house I have ever had!”

“I want to begin with saying working with Jon from Halo was one of my most positive transactions in selling a house I have ever had! After losing my father-in-law there was so much grief to deal with and selling the house just added to it. My husband received a letter from an investor and contacted him. Everything was a go and moving along with all the paperwork at our attorney’s office……then there was a complete stop. The deal that was going to close in one to four weeks…….then the communication completely stopped on their end. After receiving a letter from Jon, I met him at the house for him to give me an appraisal of what he thought. Did you ever have a good gut feeling about someone? I did and it was Jon. From the time we met till the time we closed, even with a small hiccup that had nothing to do with Jon or us, he was a man of his word. It was a pleasure to deal with an honest, down to earth kind man. Thank you Jon for all you did for George, Frank and I! Most appreciated!”

… “He made it obvious he was interested in our well being and he gave us a fair deal…”

Happy-clients-sold-Hillsborough-NJ-House“When planning to sell our house, we felt overwhelmed by the many renovations that we knew were needed to get the house in sale ready condition.  Just to prepare for the renovations, we would have had to empty the house, what we saw as an insurmountable task.  Where would we stay, with our cat, during the renovations became another major concern.  And knowing how buyers want a “new”, “move in ready” house, we faced the daunting prospect of spending a lot of money for the renovations and most likely having to have our house on the market for an undetermined period of time.
We made the decision to sell the house to a real estate investor rather than go through the cost and renovation process.   The first investor we contacted talked a good talk but when the contract was presented, the terms were far from what had been verbally presented and agreed upon.  After we countered the contract, we didn’t hear anything for two weeks after which time we terminated our dealings with that investor.  We called Jonathan of Halo Home Buyers and immediately he put us at ease.  Jonathan was ethical, honest and efficient.  He communicated most every day either by email or phone.   Jon was very supportive and calming which helped make what had been a stressful process quite pleasant.  He made it obvious he was interested in our well being and he gave us a fair deal.  Dealing with Jonathan was pleasant and we couldn’t have been more satisfied with how flexible he was in working with our schedule for whatever needed to be done.  He continually reassured us we could leave anything and all that we wanted and it would be taken care of.  And we left A LOT!
There is no doubt in our minds that we absolutely made the best decision when we worked with Jonathan and sold the house to Halo Home Buyers.  A five star rating (more if there was) is definitely well deserved   We would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan and Halo Home Buyers to anyone who is selling their house.”
C.S. - Out of Respect for Privacy (Hillsborough, NJ)

… “If I could give 100 stars, I would…”

“I do not generally write reviews, however I could not possibly go without offering one for Halo Home Buyers. If I could give 100 stars, I would. To put our experience or our gratitude into a condensed review would be impossible. We were selling our beloved childhood home after the loss of our Father that came with both challenges and many emotions. From my first contact with Jon and Mark to my most recent conversations, each one was heartfelt and authentic. Both qualities that are unfortunately rare in many companies today, however are naturally part of them. They have created a company that has a foundation of being ethical and honest with an ability to get things done in the most efficient manner. To say that I was able to fully put my faith and trust in them speaks volumes about their integrity and the principles they hold. I would recommend Halo Homes without hesitation. Again…a simple thank you does not feel adequate enough for what they have been able to do for my family.”

… “made a difficult situation one of a pleasure…”

“A few months ago a family member became ill and no longer could maintain her home.  The home was in complete disarray from years of collecting and not maintaining necessary repairs.  Being the closest family member, I took the responsibility of taking the next step and find someone to purchase the home.  By luck, I read the excellent reviews left for Halo Home Buyers and gave them a call, after speaking with Jonathan I was immediately impressed.  From the walk through of the home to the closing Jonathan made a difficult situation one of a pleasure.  His professional, caring and assurance put us at ease and helped us feel comfortable.  Jonathan kept us informed every step of the way.  We would highly recommend Halo Home Buyers. Thank you!”

… “All I can say is thank God for Halo Homebuyers…”

“After losing our Mother in January at 95, we had the very emotional task of selling our family home where we had grown up. Almost immediately we were contacted by many people wanting to buy our home.  Many of them came to look and make offers.  Then along came Halo Homebuyers. I spoke to Jonathan, the founder, and strangely enough, I felt an instant connection. Right from the start I was so comfortable with Halo.  The secretary, who answered the phone, and I spoke with a few, were so personable.  Jim was the person who came originally to look at the house.  His personality was very warm and caring. And Jonathan, I can’t begin to say how his genuine interest and calming personality put us very much at ease.  He made us feel that we had nothing to worry about, and that they would take care of everything, and he did.  Any questions we had were immediately answered.  I feel we worked very well together.  All I can say is thank God for Halo Homebuyers, the wonderful staff and especially Jonathan, who helped us through a very emotional process.”

… “I decided to call Jon at Halo.  That was the best decision of all!…”

“I cannot begin to tell you how pleasantly surprised I was to find and work with Halo Homebuyers.  When my brother in law passed away it was discovered that my sister in law is a serious hoarder and has early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  I did a lot of research in that market (we live in NC) to find the best and easiest solution to get the house cleaned out and sold as quickly as possible for the best deal. I am so thankful that Halo Homebuyers sent an advertisement card.  I had no intention of even calling and was extremely skeptical thinking the worst. After many hours and phone calls with different realtors and hoarding clean up companies I decided to call Jon at Halo.  That was the best decision of all! Jon has been the consummate professional.  He has been such a pleasure to work with; he’s straightforward, honest and empathetic and does what he says he will do when he says he will do it!  He bought the house “as is” saving us all the time and aggravation of getting the house cleared, cleaned, updated and sold.  Thank you Jon and Halo!  Please feel free to use me as a reference any time!  I just can’t thank you enough for your professionalism and kindness throughout this whole process.”

… “You’re never left feeling lost, uncomfortable, or alone…”

“Halo is the go-to group when you want to sell your home fast, fair, & easy.  You are ALWAYS treated like a human being, not a business transaction. Jon and his team were fantastic professionals, and a good group of guys.  You’re never left feeling lost, uncomfortable, or alone. You have questions? Ask them and you will receive honest answers.  Going to the real estate market is a long, difficult, and ardous process which is why I knew selling for cash things would not just go my way, but OUR way.  I feel sad to leave my family home behind, but also very happy knowing Halo will turn it into a new home for a new family.”