We Buy Old Houses NJ: Companies That Will Buy Your Old House In NJ

“We buy houses.” It’s a phrase you see often at intersections while driving or in online ads. Do you know what it means? It usually means that the company is saying they will buy your house in its current condition (as-is) and they will pay you in cash for it. Reputable companies that do this often known by different names, such as real estate investors, cash buyers, home buying companies, real estate solutions companies, and more. But how do you know you’re dealing with a legit home buyer and not a scammer that might want to take your money or make you an unfair offer? 

It’s important to do your research and find out which companies have a reputation for providing good service and plenty of praise from past clients. You’ll find that with Halo Homebuyers, one of the top real estate investment companies in New Jersey. We understand what to do to make you a fair offer and help you sell your NJ house fast for cash. So if you’re looking for ways to know more about the companies that will buy your old house in NJ, let’s take a look at these tips. 

Companies That Will Buy Your Old House In NJ

Old House For Sale In New Jersey

Make Sure They’re Legit

If you come across a company that buys old houses in New Jersey and you want to know if they’re legitimate, there are some easy ways to find out. First and foremost, you can visit their website to determine some basic information about them and who they are. But anyone can make a website in order to seem legit. So what do you do then? 

You do your research! Start by asking basic questions that you might ask of any business in order to prove they’re real and do what they say. What is the actual name of the company? Once you know that, find out if they have an address or office in New Jersey. Can you visit it? Next, who is the owner or owners? Do they have a web presence you could see? Is the company on social media? Check all the major social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If they’ve been around for a little bit, they’ve likely been reviewed by past clients. Check Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau to read reviews and see what others have said about them. 

Don’t be afraid to keep asking yourself these questions until you get enough answers to feel satisfied. The more you can verify, the more likely they are to be legit. A reputable company like Halo Homebuyers has nothing to hide and does business with respect and good customer service. 

Read the Reviews

Any reliable company that buys New Jersey homes for cash is going to have a section on their website with testimonials or reviews. Halo Homebuyers does and it’s full of client testimonies from people who worked with the company and received the level of care and service you’d want for yourself. 

“If we could give 100 stars, we would,” said Linda C from Moorestown, New Jersey. “I know that’s written in reviews all the time, but it’s true. [Halo Homebuyers founder] Jonathan [Faccone] helped us when we had to sell our mother’s home after her passing. He managed to go to closing on time, as promised, even though the COVID 19 lock-down happened in the middle of the process. Jonathan had compassion for our grief, kept every promise, answered every call or text immediately, and went far above and beyond his obligations. When our charities shut down during COVID 19, he found people and organizations to take items we couldn’t bear to see discarded. He found family historical items we missed and got them to us even after closing. Jonathan’s honesty, efficiency, and kind easy-going manner made a difficult time so much easier for us.”

These are just some of the reviews you’ll read and the kinds of things clients and customers should be saying about any real estate investment company that you are considering working with. 

Find Out If They Follow Through

When you decide to work with a company that buys old houses in New Jersey, pay attention to how they conduct themselves, especially when it comes to what they say and what they promise. A legit company will be upfront and honest about how they work with their clients. If they say that will provide you with a fair offer by a specific deadline, hold them to it. If they say they will explain how they arrived at their offer number, make sure they do. If they are coy about details and miss deadlines, that may be a red flag. 

Here at Halo Homeowners, we focus on helping our clients sell their house fast and in the least stressful way possible. We always offer honest solutions for the specific needs that you have and we cater our offers and tools to the solutions you need. We will always be upfront, honest, and communicative when it comes to how we arrive at our numbers and how we find a win-win solution for everyone involved. We will never sacrifice common decency for the sake of closing a sale. 

Do They Know What They’re Doing?

Selling your house is always going to be a stressful and potentially frustrating process. Selling your old house in New Jersey to a company that buys houses for cash is supposed to make it easier. By doing so, you cut out middlemen like lenders and real estate agents, you avoid paying commission fees and other marketing costs, and you save time because you don’t have to wait for financing to be approved. A real estate buyer who can’t make your life easier isn’t one that is worthy of your business. 

Halo Homebuyers is a family-oriented real estate solutions provider with the experience needed to buy older houses in New Jersey. We’ve seen all kinds of situations, from water damage to foreclosures to hoarders, so we understand how to tailor the experience to your specific situation. If you’re going through foreclosure or dealing with tax burdens, that’s a different process than if you’re going through a divorce or relocating and need to sell your house fast. We can help in any of these situations and many more!

Old House For Sale In New Jersey

They Shouldn’t Pressure You To Sell Your House

You may be in a position where you need to sell your old house in New Jersey fast. That can put you in a position to get taken advantage of by someone who doesn’t have good intentions. A reputable real estate investor will never make you a lowball offer or pressure you to sell your house to them. If anyone does that, you can and should walk away.

Halo Homebuyers keeps the process simple and honest. You contact us and let us know you want to sell your New Jersey house. We’ll review the details and perhaps schedule some time to see the property. Then we’ll create the best possible offer and present it to you ASAP, often within days. If you accept the offer, you tell us when you want to close. Then, once the sale is closed, we pay you in cash for your house. You don’t need to make any changes or repairs, we buy your NJ house as-is. It’s that simple! 


Kevin is a real estate investor dedicated to helping homeowners sell their properties quickly and without the stress and hassle of a traditional listing.

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